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What is a smart home? That simple question has many answers. In short, a “smart home” is a home that has devices installed which automate tasks normally handled by humans. These can be built into the home or added later. People use these devices through apps, remotes, switches, voice command or artificial intelligence.

For most people, turning a home into a smart home can be as simple as connecting a smart speaker to their phone or tablet. For some, it can involve several different devices including, smartphones, televisions, security cameras, appliances and more.


Why create a smart home?


  1. Making life easier

We all want to be as comfortable as possible, and there’s nothing that says comfort like the heating coming on exactly when you need it or the lights coming on when the sun goes down. You can start with simple devices to add comfort to your own life and make things just that bit easier. You can start controlling smart devices through voice commands, schedules or just by using an app. There’s no need to jump off the sofa to dim the light using the dimmer switch just install a simple smart LED light.

Smart Home

  1. Safety and security.

Knowing your home is protected by smart devices can give you the peace of mind that you may be looking for. There are several devices from different manufacturers offering security cameras and other security products that can increase the security around your home. You can even use some of the devices to scare aware any unwanted guests using sirens, two-way audio, and lights. Smart homes may offer the extra security by way of connected sensors, alarms, video doorbells and more.

Ring Security Camera

  1. Energy saving.

For most, a big part of creating a smart home is about saving energy (leading to saving money) with smart devices that can automate air conditioning systems, automate heating, and control your lighting. Smart lamps, such as those made by Crompton lamps, can save you money using smart lighting schedules. Ever wondered if you have left that bathroom light on after you’ve left? Well now you can check via the app and even turn it off without returning home, this can save you money on your energy bill. Using smart thermostats, such as those made by Google Nest, can precisely and quickly control heating schedules. This can reduce heating bills by improving the energy efficiency at your home.

Google Nest Thermostat Silver

  1. Home Entertainment

Modern smart devices offer plenty of way to have fun and relax. Smart speakers can play podcasts and music, you can get the latest news and even control devices like games consoles or TV’s. A Nest Hub can be a fantastic device for the kitchen or lounge, you can stream your favourite show on Netflix or even watch a bunch of videos on YouTube, all controlled via your voice. Simple!

Google Home Screen

Creating a smart home can have so many benefits and improve your carbon footprint by efficiently controlling your electrical devices. Smart homes can give you comforts that you didn’t even know you needed, fancy a warm house when you get home from work? Switch your heating on half an hour before you get home using a compatible smart thermostat.

Smarter Home, Smarter You.

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